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Personal Details:     

Name: Ahmed Al-Rawi

Languages: Arabic (native), English (fluent), French (basic)

Email: aalrawi AT sfu.ca / ahmed AT aalrawi.com

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    • 2008-2012 – Ph.D., Media & Communication Studies, University of Leicester, UK. The thesis is entitled “TV coverage of the 2010 elections in Iraq: A study of the evening newscasts of four Iraqi satellite channels”, supervised by Professor Barrie Gunter.
    • 1999-2004 – Ph.D., English Literature, College of Arts, Baghdad University, Iraq. The thesis is entitled “The Arab image in twentieth century English popular fiction”, supervised by Professor Amy Albert Sequeira.
    • 1997-1999 – M.A., English Literature, College of Arts, Baghdad University, Iraq. The thesis is entitled “Aldous Huxley as a satirist: A study of a selection of his novels”, supervised by Professor Shaké Ashjian.
    • 1994-1997 – B.A., English Language & Literature, Al-Ma’mon University College, Baghdad, Iraq. (Cum Laude). The thesis is entitled “Cultural influences in translating F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night into Arabic”, supervised by Professor Khalil Hamash. For being a Cum Laude student, award prizes were offered in June 1997 by the Ministry of Higher Education, Al-Ma’mon University College, Iraqi Teachers’ Association, and Arabs Teachers’ Association.

Work History:

2018–ongoing, Associate Professor in News, Social Media, & Public Communication, School of Communication, Faculty of Communication, Art & Technology, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada. Director of the Disinformation Project at the School of Communication at SFU.

Courses taught include:

  1. News Discourse as Political Communication
  2. Empirical Communication Research Methods
  3. Design and Methodology in Communication Research (graduate)
  4. Communication Network Project Group
  5. News Research & Analysis

2015–2018, Assistant Professor, Department of Communication, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Courses taught include:

  1. Communication, Democracy, & Power (Ph.D.)
  2. Introduction to Communication Theory & History (Diploma)
  3. Media Criticism
  4. Media & Terrorism
  5. Media & Cultural Context
  6. Media Literacy
  7. Advanced Seminar in Cultural Studies
  8. Youth & Media
  • Guest lectures:
  1. “Social media & terrorism research” a lecture for the Ph.D. Integrative Seminar, (2017).
  • Administrative duties:
  1. BA program committee (member)
  2. Communication Studies’ website committee (member)
  • Selected to take part in a pilot project on Universal Design for Learning (UDL) which focuses on re-designing curriculum to better address the various educational needs of students, especially those with learning disabilities.

Full details can be found in the attached CV above